CriptLib is a project developed by Nintersoft organization. It is incorporated in other projects like Ninterpres.

CriptLib details

Process name: *Without process defined* (CriptLib.dll)
Price: Free
Release year: 2015
Operating system: Windows
Licence: Nintersoft Open Source Licence

What does it make?

    The CriptLib itself is an open source code project toward developers. It is a dynamic link library dedicated to a visual library called FMX (disponível na IDE Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 (ou superior)). It works changing the content of the text of components or classes previously declared by the developer (such TMemo, TStringList and String) in the source code of the project in wich is being used.

    There are different encryption modes, as the basic, where the user defines two keys, both with different characters that will be substituted by others. Example:


    There are some criptography methods already available on the source code, but it has the objective of be implemented continuously, improving its capacity and eficiency of encriptation.

    An interesting characteristic of this library is the fact that it can be easily adapted to work with the VCL visual library (available in Borland C++ builder ID) or with other visual libraries of other IDEs as Qt, Visual Studio, and others. In some cases it will inclusive be possible to copy the whole code of the “.cpp” file and use the same header (like when working with VCL), but in other cases some modifications may be necessary, but nothing related to the source code structure.

Open source code

    CriptLib is under Nintersoft’s Open Source Code Licence, therefore, it can be used for personal and commercial purposes, shared and recompiled under the same licence.

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