Microunter is a simple program with the main objective of to show a message with a sonorous alert aiming to alert/remember the user about something.

Microcounter details

Process name: Despertador.exe
Price: Free
Release year: 2014
Operating System: Windows
Language: Portuguese and english
Licence: Under Nintersoft Open Source Code Licence.

What does it make?

    As we have previously explained, the main objective of Microcounter is to alarm after the programmed time, where is possible to choose/customize a message to be shown in the end of the counting and to choose the song that will be executed.

Specific functionalities

    Translate it in your language

        As all the new applications developed with Qt, a visual library, the Microcounter can be translated to any language through Qt Linguist. For that, you just have do download the file microcontador_en.ts, substitute the english translation to the language you want and in the end you just have to rename the file to microcontador_xx.ts (where xx is the ISO language code, example: pt = portuguese, ru = russian, de = german, etc) and send us.

    Focus on development of new applications

        Although it has been developed as a program for the general public, its source code is used as test to be incorporated in other applications or just to know how some classes works.

    Supported by developers

        As all of the Nintersoft projects, Microcounter has its support given by the developers of the program.

Open source code

    Microcounter is under Nintersoft Open Source Code Licence, therefore it can be used for personal and commercial purposes under the same licence.

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