Ninterbt is an Android application that performs serial stream through the use of Bluetooth of the smartphone. It was initially developed as part of another project, but because of it’s possibilities of use Ninterbt became an independent program.

Ninterbt details

Proccess name: com.nintersoft.ninterbt
Version: 1.5.00
Price: Free
Release year: 2015
Operating system: Android (4.0+)
Language: Portugese (pt_BR, pt_PT), english (en_AU, en_GB, en_US), german (de_DE), spanish (es_ES), italian (it_IT), french (fr_FR), japanese (jp_JP) and russian (ru_RU)
Licence: Freeware

What does it make?

    Ninterbt is a Bluetooth serial communicator, it’s main objective is to send characters to another device already paired in a way that it doesn’t suffer any interruption, in other words, only through safe serial communication and parity character. Everything necessary to the program use is a circuit with a RS232 serial Bluetooth module.

    In the begining it has been daveloped as part of a home automation project that uses Arduino and a HC-05 Bluetooth Module. However, due to the application potential for the use in other projects and other ends, it became an independent development, but it is still necessary for the inicial project.

Specific funcionalities

Characters sending

    Ninterbt has by main characteristic the characters sending in a way that the communication happen in master-slave mode. However, Ninterbt has an specific character assembly that is interpreted by the projects in wich is used with.

    The default characters assembly is the following:

  • Enable and disable the circuit (respectively): “[” and “]”;
  • Output enable: “A” ~ “Y”;
  • Output disable: “a” ~ “y”;
  • Manual luminosity control (trackbar): “1” till “0”;
  • Manual luminosity activation: “{” e “}”;
  • Activation and deactivation of automatic luminosity (respectively): “<” and “>”;
  • Character that is sent for the indentification of enabled outputs (if only the option is enabled): “-“;
  • Character that identifies the disabled output (if only the option is enabled): “0”;
  • Character that identifies the enabled output (if only the option is enabled): “+”;

    OBS.: This data are only valid when developer mode is disabled.

Developer mode

    Ninterbt also has the developer mode, that is nothing more than an option for project developers, with objective of to make the project tests easier. Therefore, when this mode is enabled, is possible to change the characters that are sent through the switches, as in the enable as in the disable commands, besides other controls like enable and disable the circuit.

    To have access to characters exchange window, the application will generate a new option in the main menu (when the application starts), and then the user will be taken to this windows when clicking in the option that will be featured in the menu.

Label customization

    Since the version 1.5, you are able to change the label of the switches. This resource was an interesting suggestion of the community, which is becomes handy when you are implementing the home automation project.

Customized style

    This application has customized styles for any Android version, adapting itself for the native platform style.

Supported by developers

    As all Nintersoft’s projects, the Ninterbt also have support given by the developers of the program.

Freeware use licence

    Ninterpres is under freeware use licence, on other words, you can download and share it. Howeve it don’t have it’s source code opened.

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