Ninterpres is an open source code slider presenter developed by Nintersoft organization. Its main objective is to be an one hundred percent free and colaborative alternative, counting with the community help, as the developers help as users help.

Ninterpres details

Process name: Ninterpres.exe
Version: – BETA
Price: Free
Release year: 2015
Operating System: Windows
Language: Portuguese(pt_BR)
Licence: Nintersoft Open Source Code Licence

What does it make?

    Ninterpres is a free and colaborative standardized slide builder alternative developed by Nintersoft. Currently it is divided in two applications, one of them is the slide builder (advanced users may even dispence the use of it) and the other one is presenter, which is an small program that is compiled togheter with the presentation code file, so, it can generate the visual interface of the presentation and shows it to the user.

    Of of its main objectives is to create presentations without the need of to use the builder, in other words, you can create and edit complete presentations using only a common text editor, once everything the user needs is the knowledge of the simple presentation reprodution code, of the Ninterpres stylesheet and of directory management that is used by the presenter.

Specific functionalities

    Creation of standardized presentations

        Although it does not look very customizable, Ninterpres has a lot of customization options that accord to the standardized presentations requirements, in other words, when using all the customization options of Ninterpres the final presentations will still be simple and functional.

    Personalização de apresentações sem construtor

        As it has already been mentioned, one of the main features of Ninterpres is the creation and edition of presentations without the need of the presentation builder. Everything that is necessary to customize texts and styles of the presentation is a text editor. Do you know when you need to check if the presentation is with the correct data but you do not have the proper program to edit or it will delay a lot to open and save the file again? With Ninterpres this is another resolved problem.

    Stylesheet file

        To create more customization options, Ninterpres has an specific feature that is the stylesheet which has been implemented since the version – BETA. The objective of this stylesheet is to separate the customization content from the presentation, becoming the as comprehension of the stylesheet, as the presentation code easier .

    Integrated with CriptLib

        Ninterpres has on its source code an integration with CriptLib, a library that allows you to encrypt your presentations avoiding its distribution for people who you have not allowed to. It is valid to remember that the encriptation resources of Ninterpres follows the development of CriptLib library, in other words, these resources will be updated only if the base project for which have been imported has been also updated.

    Supported by developers

        As all of the Nintersoft projects, Ninterpres has its support given by the developers of the program.

Open source code

    Ninterpres is under Nintersoft Open Source Code Licence, therefore it can be used for personal and commercial purposes under the same licence.

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