Ninterserial is a simple program which performs serial stream through COM ports using Windows APIs. With a similar propose of Ninterbt, the Ninterserial communicates with a microcontroller or whith a programable circuit through UART (assincronous communication), using the RS-232 protocol.

Ninterserial details

Process name: Ninterserial.exe
Price: Free
Release year: 2016
Operating System: Windows
Language: Portuguese (pt_BR) and english (en_GB)
Licence: Nintersoft Open Source Licence

What does it make?

    Ninterserial performs serial stream with other devices through COM port, from 0 till 255. You can use it to try your projects and to implant commercial solutions. As it is explained in the “Sending content” section below, Ninterpres has developed aiming to interact with circuits that have a main microcontroller, in other words, a message can be sent to various circuits, but only the programmed destiny will respond to the command.

Sending content

        Focusing on the instant communication with various devices simultaneously, Ninterserial has a pre programmed group of characters to be send to the circuit, similar to a Broadcast transmission, or to send a custom message, according to the necesities of your circuit.

    Standard characters

        When using the switches of Ninterserial it will send standardized “words” with three characters, the first that indicates the destiny controller, alternating from ‘1’ to ‘6’ (untill six controllers as destiny), the second one indicates the output destiny, alternating from ‘a’ to ‘z’ when turning off or yet from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ when turning on, and the third one is ‘\0’, the null character that indicates the end of strings, totallizing 156 possible combinations.

        Characters asembly

    Custom words

        You can even send custom words according to your necessities. For that, you just have to type in the dedicated field and click on “submit” buttom.

        You can also decide if the transmission will include the null character which indicate the end of a String or do not.

Specific functionalities

    Event log

        Ninterserial records a log of all the events that have been performed with it, since the moment of the connection, till the certification of message delivering, in other words, ou can diagnose and discover what is happening with your project without lots of headache.

         With the log file you will be also able to reproduce your footsteps to reach a result that you have already reached before, besides the fact of having a program debugger tool.

         If Ninterserial present you any error when it was not supposed to, you can check if the problem is either the projected circuit or in the program, and if it is in the program, you will be able to save the log file and send us explaining what is happening and what ought to happen, so, we can solve this problem easily.

    Supported by developers

        As all of the Nintersoft projects, Ninterserial has its support given by the developers of the program.

Open source code

    Microcounter is under Nintersoft Open Source Code Licence, therefore it can be used for personal and commercial purposes under the same licence.


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