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Characteristics and requirements

Ninterbt is a Bluetooth serial communicator. Its main objective is to send characters to another device (which must be already paired) in a way that it doesn’t suffer any interruption. In other words, only through safe serial communication and with parity checking. Everything necessary to use the application is a circuit with a RS232 serial Bluetooth module.

In the begining it has been daveloped as part of a home automation project that uses Arduino and a HC-05 Bluetooth Module. However, due to the possibility of using the application in other projects and for other ends, it has become an independent project, being still required by the other project.


Property Value
Process name com.nintersoft.ninterbt (Android package)
Version 1.5.00
Price Free (Open source)
Release year 2015
Language Pascal/C++ (FMX) and Java (since version 1.3.xx)
Platform Android
Language (interface) Portugese (pt_BR, pt_PT), english (en_AU, en_GB, en_US), german (de_DE), spanish (es_ES), italian (it_IT), french (fr_FR), japanese (jp_JP) and russian (ru_RU)
Project page https://www.nintersoft.com/en/portfolio/ninterbt/
Licence Nintersoft open source code licence
Repository https://github.com/Nintersoft/Ninterbt/


In order to execute or build (compile) Ninterserial in your computer/mobile device, you must have the following resources available::


  • Android API 15+ (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0+).


Versions prior to 1.3.xx
  • Windows 7+ (x86 or x64).
  • Embarcadero C++ Builder XE7 or newest (former AppMethod).
  • Compatible android device (check the former table).
Versions since 1.3.xx
  • Operating system compatible with Android Studio.
  • Android Studio (2.x or newest).
  • Compatible android device (check the former table).