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Characteristics and requirements

Ninterpres is a free and colaborative standardized slide builder alternative developed by Nintersoft. It is currently divided in two separated applications, one of them is the slide builder (advanced users may even dispence the use of it) and the other one is presenter, which is an small program that is compiled togheter with the presentation code file, so, it can generate the visual interface of the presentation and shows it to the user.

One of its main objectives is to create presentations without the need of using the builder. In other words, you can create and edit complete presentations only using a common text editor, since everything the user actually needs is the knowledge of the simple code of presentation reprodution, of the Ninterpres stylesheet and the directory management that is used by the presenter.


Property Value
Process name Ninterpres.exe (Win32)
Version – BETA
Price Free (Open source)
Release year 2015
Language C++ (FMX untill version 0.9.x.x and Qt for versions 1.0+)
Platform Windows (x86 and x64), Linux and MAC OS (source code)
Language (interface) Portuguese
Project page https://www.nintersoft.com/en/portfolio/ninterpres/
Licene Nintersoft open source code licence
Repository https://github.com/Nintersoft/Ninterpres/


In order to execute or build (compile) Ninterpres in your computer, you must have the following resources available:


  • Windows 7 or newest (x86).


  • Compatible operating system (check the former table).
Up to version 0.9.x.x
  • Embarcadero C++ Builder XE7 or newest.
Version 1.0+
  • Qt development library: Qt 5 or newest.
  • It is recommended to install the Qt Creator IDE, in order to make the compilation process easier (click to compile).