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Characteristics and resources

In order to provide a safer internet environment, not only for the children but to the family in general, we decided to develop an extension which obligates search engines to proccess the queries in a safer mode, even if the configuration is changed manually, it is going to be restored to the strictiest role.

You may see this extension as unnecessary, but unfortunately other content filtering extensions do not provide this feature, and alternative blocking methods like DNS and Proxy also do not filter site searchs, therefore this extension should be a complement for other solutions of family protection.


Property Value
Process name N/A
Version 1.2.6
Price Free (Open source)
Release year 2017
Language JavaScript
Platform Firefox and Chromium
Language (interface) Portuguese and English
Project page https://www.nintersoft.com/en/portfolio/safesearch-enforcer/
Licence Nintersoft open source code licence
Repository https://github.com/Nintersoft/SafeSearch-Enforcer/


In order to execute or build SafeSearch Enforcer in your computer/mobile device, you must have the following resources available:


  • Firefox 48+ or Chromium 60+.


  • Firefox 48+ or Chromium 60+.
  • NodeJS.
  • Web-Ext (npm install).
  • Text editor.