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Acquiring and installing

In order to acquire UFABC Library, you just have to follow those steps:

  1. Download the application directly from Google Play Store: LINK
  2. Execute it using the device’s main launcher.

Compiling from source code

In order to compile UFABC Library, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the project’s repository available at: https://github.com/mauromascarenhas/Biblioteca_UFABC/
  2. Clone the whole project (Link to the project’s archive master).
  3. Open the project using Android Studio.
  4. Certify that the SDK versions and the platform tools are properly installed and configured.
  5. Connext your device to the computer through a USB port (Certify that the "Developer mode" and "USB debugging" are enabled).
  6. Click on button "Compile and Run".
  7. Select the detination device.
  8. Done! The project is already installed and running in your device.

Should any error occur, do not hesitate in contacting our team at any moment. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible.


Please, make sure that you meet the minimal requirements as specified in "Characteristics and requirements"