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Acquiring and importing

In order to acquire the CriptLib and import it into your project, you just have to follow those steps :

  1. Open the project’s repository available at: https://github.com/Nintersoft/CriptLib/
  2. Clone the whole project (Link to repository archive master).
  3. Copy the header and the static link file of the project to your repository’s root ("CriptLib.h" and "CriptLib.lib", respectively).
  4. Include the dependencies #include "CriptLib.h".
  5. Compile the project.
  6. If the previous step runs successfully, you will just have to copy the "CriptLib.dll" file to the root of the executable’s directory.
  7. Execute your project.


Should any error occur, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, since this project have not been updated for a long time and due to the fact that we will not offer support to it anymore.