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Characteristics and requirements

CriptLib is an educational encryption lirary. It should not be used in production environment or in serious projects.


Property Value
Process name Undefined process – Dynamic link library
Version [ARCHIVED]
Price Free (Open source)
Release year 2015
Language C++ (FMX)
Platform Windows (x86)
Language (interface) Portuguese
Project page N/A
Licence Nintersoft’s open source code licence
Repository https://github.com/Nintersoft/CriptLib/


In order to integrate the CriptLib library into your educational project, you must have the following resources available:

  • Windows 7 or newest.
  • Embarcadero C++ Builder XE7 with FMX library available (x86).


It is always valid to take notice that this library is no longer in development and should be only used for educational purposes (introduction to the history of cryptography). DO NEVER use this library in serious projects or in production environments