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Focusing on the instant communication with differend devices simultaneously, Ninterserial has a standard set of characters which will be sent to the circuit, similarly to a Broadcast transmission, or to send a custom message, according to the necesities of your project.

Standard settings

When using the switches of Ninterserial it will send standardized "words" with three characters, the first that indicates the destiny controller, alternating from ‘1’ to ‘6’ (untill six controllers as destiny), the second one indicates the output destiny, alternating from ‘a’ to ‘z’ when turning off or yet from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ when turning on, and the third one is ‘\0’, the null character that indicates the end of strings, totalizing 312 different combinations.

Set of combinations

1a (desl.) - 1A (lig.) ; 1b (desl.) - 1B (lig.) ; ... ; 1y (desl.) - 1Y (lig.) ; 1z (desl.) - 1Z (lig.);
2a (desl.) - 2A (lig.) ; 2b (desl.) - 2B (lig.) ; ... ; 2y (desl.) - 2Y (lig.) ; 2z (desl.) - 2Z (lig.);
3a (desl.) - 3A (lig.) ; 3b (desl.) - 3B (lig.) ; ... ; 3y (desl.) - 3Y (lig.) ; 3z (desl.) - 3Z (lig.);
4a (desl.) - 4A (lig.) ; 4b (desl.) - 4B (lig.) ; ... ; 4y (desl.) - 4Y (lig.) ; 4z (desl.) - 4Z (lig.);
5a (desl.) - 5A (lig.) ; 5b (desl.) - 5B (lig.) ; ... ; 5y (desl.) - 5Y (lig.) ; 5z (desl.) - 5Z (lig.);
6a (desl.) - 6A (lig.) ; 6b (desl.) - 6B (lig.) ; ... ; 6y (desl.) - 6Y (lig.) ; 6z (desl.) - 6Z (lig.);

Customized words

You are also able to send custom words according to your necessities. In order to do that, you just have to type the desired command in the dedicated field and click on "submit" buttom.