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Characteristics and requirements

Ninterserial performs serial stream with other devices through COM port, from 0 till 255. You can use it to try your projects and to implant commercial solutions. As it is explained in the "Features" section below, Ninterserial has been developed aiming to interact with circuits that have a main microcontroller. In other words, a message can be sent to various circuits, but only the programmed destiny will respond to the command.


Property Value
Process name Ninterserial.exe (Win32 e Win64)
Price Free (Open source)
Release year 2016
Language C++ (Qt)
Platform Windows (x86 e x64)
Language (interface) Portuguese and english
Project page https://www.nintersoft.com/en/portfolio/ninterserial/
Licence Nintersoft open source code licence
Repository https://github.com/Nintersoft/Ninterserial/


In order to execute or build (compile) Ninterserial in your computer, you must have the following resources available:


  • Windows 7 or newest (x86 or x64).


  • Compatible operating system (check the former table).
  • Qt development library: Qt 5 or newest.
  • It is recommended to install the Qt Creator IDE, in order to make the compilation process easier (click to compile).